List of Weird Scholarships for Girls, Guys, and High School Seniors

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When most think of scholarships, they think of awards based solely on test scores, athletic ability, academics, and majors.

After all, that’s what all scholarships are about right?

They measure the potential for collegiate success based on certain criteria and are given only to those who can think creatively, show an interest in acquiring a vast amount of knowledge, and are able to express themselves well both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.

While this may seem like the norm, this definition does not describe all scholarships. Although scholarships are given to those individuals who stand out from the crowd, the criteria is not always based on academics or the college major chosen.

Some are a little weirder than that.

These weird scholarships are given to students who stand out in unusual ways, who have unusual abilities or talents. If you have an usual talent, you may be able to benefit from these weird scholarships and receive financial help for paying for college.

The following are a list of some of the scholarships available to students just like you.

Weird Scholarships for Guys

  • Loyola University Scholarship – What’s your last name? If you plan on attending Loyola University and your last name is Zolp, you can receive a full-ride scholarship. That’s right. You won’t have to pay for college at all!
  • NRA Yes Scholarship – Are you a member of the NRA Youth Education Summit (YES)? If not you should be. Those who are members and apply for the YES scholarship can receive up to $30,000 to assist with college funding.
  • Evans Scholars Foundation – If you are a caddie with a great record, attending college, and love golf, this scholarship is for you. The scholarship is sponsored by the Western Golf Association and is provided to students who attend one of the 14 universities in the United States that has a Evans Scholarship House.

Weird Scholarships for Girls

  • Alice Mcarver Ratchford Scholarship – This scholarship is provided to undergraduate female students who show a specific financial need. In order to qualify for this scholarship, female students must meet, and maintain, certain criteria; they must be single, not have a car, live on-campus, and can not possess any other scholarship.
  • Op Loftbed Scholarship – You can earn up to $500 for this scholarship, and all you have to do is be enrolled in college and answer a few weird questions, like, “What will your next text say?”
  • Make it Wool – Are you ready for an exciting career in fashion? Do you love wool? If you spend your spare time making cozy sweaters for winter, you may want to enter the Make it Wool competition to earn $1,000 to $2,000 in scholarship money. Judgment is based on the best wool garments submitted.

Weird Scholarships for High School Seniors

  • The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship – If you are a high school senior looking for an extra $5,000 for college, you may be able to qualify for one of two awards offered each year through the Vegetarian Resource Group. In order to qualify, you simply need to be a vegetarian (you do not eat fish, fowl, or meat) and you need to promote vegetarianism in your school or your community.
  • Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation – What kind of knowledge is in your brain? If you think you have what it takes, you can win between $250 and $2,500 for college through the Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation, or CKSF. Simply visit the site and begin taking quizzes. The higher your scores and the quicker you can finish the quizzes, the more money you can earn.
  • Ayn Rand Fountainhead Scholarship – If you are a high school student who loved reading the book, The Fountainhead, by author Ayn Rand, you could qualify for a $30,000 scholarship for college. All you need to do to apply is write an essay about the book.

If you need money for college, but aren’t involved in sports and don’t shine academically, don’t worry. There are plenty of weird and wacky scholarships that will provide you with assistance based on your unique talents and abilities.

Do you know of any other unusual scholarships? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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