The Right Questions to Ask On Your College Tour

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You’re a prospective college student and you have appointments at several universities. Have you considered the questions you’ll be asking while you’re there?

If not, –now is the time. Every tour guide is different, and unfortunately, not all of your college tours will be quite as informative as you’d like. It’s important, for comparison purposes, to have a list of important questions with you.

This will allow you to actually compare “apples to apples” when deciding on the university that’s right for you.

With that in mind, here’s your list:

Questions to ask during your college tour

Class Registration Questions

  • Do classes fill quickly for Freshmen?
  • What type of support is available to help students get into full classes?
  • ¬†How can Freshmen inquire about the teaching styles of their professors?

This type of student support is extremely important to Freshmen who aren’t yet accustomed to college or concerned about the registration process.

Campus Life Questions

  • What type of students are happiest at this school?
  • What is the school culture like?
  • How do the students generally get around campus? Bicycles, cars, mopeds or on foot?
  • What do the students do for entertainment?
  • What type of tutoring is available on campus?
  • How available are the professors for assistance and in what way?
  • What type if worship/church services are available on campus?

Dorms & Campus Housing Questions

  • Are the dorms co-ed? What are the rules and visitation policies for the dorms?
  • How are the roommates chosen?
  • Can students choose their dorm rooms?
  • What amenities do the dorm rooms have? (refrigerators, microwave, air conditioning)
  • How safe is the campus? Ask for specific crime statistics?

Employment & Career Questions

  • Is there a specific career planning department and what does it offer?
  • Do companies come out to the campus to recruit? How many and how often?
  • Does the college help students find summer internship programs in a variety of fields?
  • Are there internship fairs or job fairs held on campus?

Special Questions

Maybe you have special dietary needs or medical services. Unfortunately, some campuses aren’t set up in an efficient manner with transportation and the location of necessary services.

Let’s say you are allergic to gluten and purchase many of your groceries from a natural food store. If the closest one to campus is over 40 minutes away by shuttle, it will become a huge burden to shop and manage your classes. The same goes for medical needs.

Finally, be sure to take notes during your tour (even snap a few pictures if allowed). Details are often forgotten and lost along the way, especially if you have information from several tours to keep straight in your mind.

If you have the ability to speak to any current students you may also get a different perspective. Some colleges do use students as the tour guide, but if yours is a faculty member, you’ll want a student’s point of view.

Let’s Hear From You

If you are currently a student, maybe there are questions you wish you would have asked. We invite you to leave a comment and let us know what you missed out on during your tour.

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