The Best Way to Spend Your College Summer Vacation

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It’s that time of year again. Classes are drawing to a close, you are finishing up your final exams, and the call of summer is beckoning you like a siren at sea.

While the thought of finally getting some time off after working hard all school year is refreshing, have you stopped to consider what you are going to do with all that free time?

Hanging out by the pool may be relaxing, but it won’t help you obtain the career you want after college. Here are a few other choices that might look a little better on your resume after graduation.

A Productive Summer Vacation

  • Internship – Although many internships won’t pay you a dime, they can be one of the most productive uses of your summer vacation. The experience you gain from this type of position will be just what companies are looking for and will give you a leg-up on the competition when you are trying to find employment after college.
  • Working – It may not be the most enjoyable way to spend your summer vacation, but working during your down-time can help you save up the money you need for your tuition and for every-day expenses you incur while attending school. Putting in that bit of extra effort to help pay off your student loans more quickly will also shine on your resume, showing future employers you are responsible and hardworking.
  • Finishing Your Degree Early – Who says a bachelor’s degree really takes four years to complete? Why not do it in three? Take summer courses to finish your degree early so you can find a great paying job more quickly. Some colleges even lower the tuition required for summer courses, so your scholarships and grants may be able to cover the majority of the cost.
  • Take Fun Courses – Have you been wanting to take that photography class, but haven’t been able to be of the requirements of your college scholarship or grant? You aren’t alone. Many grants and scholarships will only pay for courses related to your particular field of study, and if you throw in one that isn’t, you may lose your financial aid. Instead of jeopardizing your chances, take these courses during the summer and pay for them out of your own pocket.
  • Learn More – Have you been struggling with a certain subject? If you need extra help, consider taking a course for it over your vacation. You never know how important it will be in your chosen field, so learn as much as you can now.
  • Find a New Hobby – Colleges and employers both love individuals who have interests outside of their degrees. Spend your summer finding a new hobby or activity you like that will look great on your resume. Perhaps you might be interested in learning how to play baseball, learning how to bake, or learning how speak a foreign language.
  • Travel – Have you ever considered traveling to a new and exotic location? Perhaps you’d like to visit Paris, backpack across Europe, see the rainforests of South America, or simply take a road trip from one side of the United States to the other. Traveling may be fun and exciting, but it is also educational. You learn about the history and culture of new places while learning how to be responsible and think for yourself at the same time.

Not sure what to do with your three months off from school? Consider these suggestions and make the most of your summer vaca

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