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Have you ever considered studying abroad?

More and more students are choosing to learn this way due to the overwhelming number of benefits studying abroad can provide. Exposure to another culture, food, language, and customs can provide a rich experience that will literally stay with a student for the rest of their lives.

Another benefit lies in the relationships, future business contacts and friendships which would be formed.

Although an education in another country is both exciting and enriching, there are costs to be considered.

These include:

  • Tuition
  • Cost of living, including housing, food, and necessary items
  • Travel expenses, including air fare, visas, immunizations, and other related expenses
  • Shipping costs for personal items
  • Purchases needed for adapting to a new country, such as a new cell phone or electronic adaptors for your laptop computer
  • Unexpected healthcare and insurance

Despite the cost, the opportunities are outstanding. If living abroad is your dream, don’t let the cost prevent you from the pursuit. Consider applying for scholarships that will assist you in paying for your education overseas.

Types of Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarships are broken up into different sub-categories. When researching overseas education, keep in mind the following terminology.

  • Merit-based: Merit based scholarships are based on the abilities the student offers, such as artistic, academic, athletic, or leadership abilities.
  • Student-specific: This type of scholarship is based on factors related specifically to the student, such as race, religion, gender, medical history, or family.
  • Destination-specific: These types of scholarships are awarded to students based on the country where the study abroad program will be held.
  • Program-specific: A program-specific scholarship is given to students based on the college, university, or program the student will be part of while they are studying abroad. Many times, the student must meet the requirements of a merit based scholarship as well by showing academic abilities and personal achievements.
  • Subject-specific: These scholarships are awarded to students who will be studying in a specific field or working toward a particular major while studying abroad.

Study Aboard Scholarship Opportunities

  • API Study Abroad Scholarships – Academic Programs International (API) awards students enrolled in and accepted to API programs with $250 to $1,000. Students must be planning on studying abroad for a quarter, semester, summer, or full academic year. Shorter programs are not eligible for scholarship money.
  • Boren Scholarships – This organization provides undergraduate U.S. students with up to $20,000 for choosing to study abroad in certain areas. These areas include the Middle East, Africa, Eastern and Central Europe, Asia, and Latin America.
  • CISabroad Scholarships – Students willing to keep an accurate online journal during their study abroad can earn $100 to $1,000 from CISabroad. Students must also meet specific GPA requirements to apply.
  • Fund for Education Abroad – If you want to study abroad for at least four weeks, you may qualify for the Fund for Education Abroad, or FEA, scholarship. FEA awards ten scholarships to qualifying students and up to $10,000 per student.
  • USAC Scholarships – The USAC provides several different program-specific scholarships and work-study grants to students who wish to study abroad in New Zealand, Germany, and Costa Rica.
  • LIVFund – Do you want to study in Latin America? The LIVfund provides two $500 scholarships each month to eligible students who apply and are in need of funding for their trip abroad. Students must commit to posting at least three blog entries for LIVfund while they are in Latin America to be eligible for the scholarship.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of studying abroad?

The cost may be high, but with these scholarships, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of earning your education in a new country and a new culture.

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