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Recent tuition caps have resulted in only a 25 percent increase in annual tuition and fees for colleges and universities in Ohio during the last ten years.

Still, the Columbus Dispatch states that annual tuition for four year colleges in this state are, on average, $9,608. This is approximately 47% more than the national four year tuition average. Tuition for two year colleges is averaging at $3,555.

While tuition caps have slowed the increase in tuition for most Ohio students, the Project on Student Debt still found the average student debt to be in excess of $27,700.

It is no surprise that only 54.5 percent of students actually earn their bachelor’s degree within six years. The rest don’t complete their education for various reasons, one of the most obvious being the cost.

Although these figures may be unsettling, these averages don’t have to be part of your education story. With the help of a grant, scholarship, or both, you can earn your degree at little or even no cost to you.

Students are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of scholarships and grants. Here’s the breakdown of what’s available to assist you with tuition, housing, books, and even a laptop.

Grant and Scholarship Opportunities

  • Ohio College Opportunity Grant – This grant program is funded by the state and provides students with financial assistance based on their expected family contribution, or EFC, and their total income. To receive the grant, students must fill out a FAFSA at, be part-time or full-time students at a Ohio college, and be a resident of Ohio.
  • Ruth M. Aikey Memorial Scholarship – Ohio residents from specific counties earning their first bachelor’s degree from Kent State University in Middle Childhood Education or Early Childhood Education may qualify for this scholarship. One award is presented each year, providing the student with four years of paid tuition.
  • NTA Ohio Scholarship – Juniors and seniors of a four year Ohio university or students entering their second year of a two-year college can earn up to $1,000 with this scholarship. Students must be earning a degree that focuses on travel and tourism, be a permanent resident of Ohio, and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to qualify
  • Big 33 Scholarship Foundation – High school seniors in Pennsylvania and Ohio who obtained a 2.0 grade point average for grades 10 and 11 can apply for the Big 33 scholarship. Students must plan on attending an accredited college or technical school upon graduating high school
  • Ohio Academic Scholarship Program – High school graduates and permanent residents of Ohio can obtain up to $2205 each year from this scholarship. Students must be enrolled in an accredited Ohio college, university, or technical school, and the scholarship can be renewed each year if the student can show academic progress.
  • Ohio Education Credit Union Scholarship – The Ohio Educational Credit Union Scholarship offers $500 to $1,000 to Ohio students with a 2.5 GPA. Students must attend a Ohio school and can apply by contacting their local credit union for an application.

Don’t let the cost of college prevent you from getting the education you deserve. Everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and with the right scholarships, you can earn your education and begin your new life with the right training and career.


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