Grant Writing Tips: Guide to Obtaining Grants

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Grants are awards of financial assistance offered by the government, a corporation, a trust, or a foundation.

When certain individuals need funding for a specific reason, they often turn to grant writing, which involves completing an application to request funding from a particular institution.

While the process may sound simple, it isn’t as easy as you may think. Grant writing involves critical thinking, a bit of salesmanship, and the ability to create truthful yet compelling content.

There are specific steps, though, that can be followed to make the process easier, and grant writing sources you can turn to if all else fails.

Here’s the breakdown:

Steps to Writing a Grant Proposal

  • Create a Clear Definition of Your Project – Your initial step should be to compose a clear definition of your project. Assemble a summary or outline defining the scope of your work, your goals, and objectives for reaching those goals. Determine who will benefit from the grant, including the individual receiving the grant, the audience, and any other institutions.
  • Locate Funding Sources – Find multiple sources of funding for your grant. You can do so by searching at libraries, foundation centers, station development offices, and through online databases. Once you’ve located a few funding sources, contact them and ask for their proposal guidelines, a list of grants proposals they have already accepted, and an average and maximum amount of funding available for each grant.
  • Writing the Proposal – Use your summary or outline and the proposal guidelines you’ve acquired to write your proposal. Begin with a rough draft just to get all your ideas down on paper and answer all questions. Don’t worry about making it look pretty yet- that will come later.

Once you’ve completed the rough draft, begin to polish it up a bit. Be sure all your ideas are conveyed in a brief but clear manner. When finished, reread the proposal out loud.

This will help catch any mistakes. If you can, have someone else read the proposal as well.

  • Gather All Your Documents – Aside from the basic proposal, you’ll need additional documents for grant writing. These include your project budget, organization budget, financial reports, tax exemption letters, a list of the board of directors, and letters of support.
  • Keep the Deadline – Submission deadlines are different for every funding source, so keep your deadlines in mind. Just in case, find out the funder’s tolerance on late submissions, delays caused by the mail, and additional exceptions. You may want to consider sending by certified mail.

Benefits to Hiring a Grant Writer

If you don’t think you are up to the challenge of writing your own grant proposal, why not leave it to the experts?

Grant writers can be very beneficial, allowing for:

  • A new and fresh perspective on your objectives and your plan of action.
  • Clear, professional writing that help you stand out from the crowd.
  • A better understand of exactly what your funding sources are searching for with a grant proposal.
  • Previous grant writing experience.
  • Ability to complete the proposal in a timely manner, submit it, follow up, and assist with reporting the progress of your proposal.

So, if writing grants isn’t for you, consider hiring an outside source for assistance.

Some of the best grant writing sources available today are:

  • Hired Gun Writing – These professional content creators provide you with compelling and precise grant proposals that make an impact on your target audience.
  • Grant Writer Source – Grant Writer Source has assisted nonprofit cultural, health, and social service organizations obtain close to $2 million each year through proposal preparation, grant tracking, copy editing, and grant research.
  • Writers Elite – If you are looking for superior grant writing, Writers Elite may be able to help you. This professional service specializes in not only providing well-researched grants proposals, but friendly and reliable service as well.

If you are searching for funding assistance from the government, corporation, or any other institution, consider creating your own grant proposal. With these tips, and a little professional help, you will be able to get the money you need to succeed.

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