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The Project on Student Debt estimates that the average student debt for public and private four year institutions in Georgia is about $18,888.

The University System of Georgia estimates that the average tuition per 15 credit hours for regional and state university in 2012 is $2,201 for Georgia residents and $8,008 for out of state residents.

Tuition for state colleges is much less, averaging about $1,388 for in-state students and $5,129 for students from outside Georgia.

With these numbers, it is not surprising that according to the University System of Georgia, 25% of freshman don’t return to college for their sophomore year.

While this number may not solely represent students suffering under the burden of increasing tuition, it does alert us to the fact that, whether for financial reasons or any other reason, a growing number of students are dropping out of Georgia colleges and universities before they have a chance to obtain their dreams.

Georgia Scholarships and Opportunities

Are you thinking about earning your degree at one of Georgia’s colleges or universities? If so, you might take a moment and consider how you will pay for your education.

Unless you have the privilege of paying for college with the help of a trust fund, you might need a little assistance.

Here are a few scholarships and opportunities available specifically for those attending college in Georgia:

  • Georgia HOPE Grant – The HOPE grant is designed to help students who wish to earn a technical diploma or certificate at a Georgia college. Students do not need to meet academic requirements for this grant program. Full tuition is covered, approved fees, and an allowance for books is provided. Visit grant page
  • Georgia Hope Scholarship – The HOPE scholarship program differs from the grant program in that students must meet certain academic requirements to apply. Full time students at private universities can be awarded up to $1,800 for each semester. Award rates vary for public universities and colleges. Visit scholarship page
  • Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant – In order to encourage students in Georgia to attend private colleges and universities, this state offers the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant, which awards up to $350 for each semester or $233 for each quarter. This award can be used for four quarters or three semesters every year. See more details..
  • COAG Scholarship – The Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia offers two $1,000 scholarships to Georgia high school students wishing to attend college and earn a degree in government, law enforcement, accounting, finance, pre-law, business, or political science. Get more information
  • Julian & Jan Hester Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship provided to four seniors in high school who wish to attend a Georgia college, university, or two year technical program. This award is not based on financial need, but on merit. Check out their website
  • GSFC Governors Grant – Students wishing to attend either a public or private university in the state of Georgia may qualify for the GSFC Governors Grant. To qualify, the student must be named as a STAR student, valedictorian, salutatorian, or be selected by Georgia Student Finance Commission. Visit their website

If you are interested in earning your degree from one of Georgia’s many elite colleges and universities, don’t get bogged down by the weight of student debt.

Start your search today for grant and scholarship opportunities that can greatly reduce the cost of your tuition.

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