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There seems to be new universities popping up everywhere every day.  Colleges and universities talk about the things that you could do or how much money you could make after you graduate from their program.

Please Beware!

There are three key numbers to know if the school or program that you are looking for is worth your time and money.

1. What is their placement rate for people who graduate from    their program?

2. What companies recruit there?

3. What is the average salary of people who graduate from their program in particular?

Most schools won’t give you this information.  The only time they will provide this type of data is if they’ve had good results.  Unfortunately, the education arena isn’t highly regulated.  Therefore, the recruiters can and will dance around these questions.  If their numbers aren’t good, you will catch pure hell trying to get the placement rates, average salary and companies who recruit at their college.  If they can’t give you this data, ask them to point you to a website or person that can.

Common excuses & ways they manipulate students:

1. It’s on you and we can’t control what people do to find work.

     a. If this is true then you can just find free training online and educate yourself without accumulating debt and then find the work afterwards.

2. We have such good reviews from our students.  A student the other day told me about xyz….

     a. If this it true they can back it up with the data.  Just one or a couple of students isn’t good enough.

3. If you look online there are tons of people hiring for this position.

     a. Ok then why aren’t you placing them?

     b. Most jobs in today’s economy are looking for people with at least 3 years of experience working a job. The way to get past this is with recent graduate programs.  Companies who have recent graduate programs usually      have certain schools where they recruit.

No matter what they say they should be able to back it up with the data or put you in contact with people who can vouch what they’re saying.

The reason this is so important is because there are too many students who are ending up worse off after they graduated then when they started.  We’ve all heard the horror stories of people waiting tables or who can’t find a job with a college degree. So please do your research before you get into a program that doesn’t do a good job of placing their graduates.

Another way you get enticed is with the student loan checks.  Yes, you can get student loans for now but what most people don’t realize is that you have to pay that money back.  You can never due away with student loans because it’s government money.  Most people don’t worry about it because they expect to be making a ton of money after they graduate.  If you expect to be making money after you graduate, make sure that your program does a good job of placing their graduates!

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