.Beware College Scams!

March 31, 2013

There seems to be new universities popping up everywhere every day.  Colleges and universities talk about the things that you could do or how much money you could make after you graduate from their program. Please Beware! There are three key numbers to know if the school or program that you are looking for is […]

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Are You Called to Be an Instructor? Education Grants

October 29, 2012

Are you passionate about helping others reach their full potential? Do you have a gift in the area of instruction? If so, a career as a teacher, instructor, coach, or professor may have rolled around in your mind a time or two. If you’re looking for financial assistance with your degree, we’ve got good news […]

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Art Scholarships for College

August 29, 2012

You have no doubt heard the old say that say to pursue your passion and eventually a paycheck will follow. While this may be true for most things, it doesn’t always work that way in these days when employment is so difficult to find, especially in a field such as art. However, with perseverance and […]

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Don’t Limit Yourself When Choosing the Right College for You

August 23, 2012

When many high school seniors begin searching for a college, they set their sights on one of the top ten state universities or an Ivy league school. Many think that because these schools are more widely known and more popular, they will automatically provide them with a better college education. This simply isn’t the case. […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Wisconsin

August 15, 2012

When students and parents begin researching and visiting colleges, they often don’t ask the most crucial questions. How much debt will I be in when I graduate from your institution? How likely is it for me to graduate within four years? What fees can I expect to be charged each year, other than the normal […]

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Left Handed Scholarships – Luck in Being Left handed

August 1, 2012

According to Scientific American, approximately 15% of individuals are left handed, and approximately 13% of 20 year olds in America use their left hand dominantly. While many theories exist as to why this occurs, no specific cause has been truly identified for why left handedness happens. Some of the most popular theories among those who […]

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The Best Way to Spend Your College Summer Vacation

July 25, 2012

It’s that time of year again. Classes are drawing to a close, you are finishing up your final exams, and the call of summer is beckoning you like a siren at sea. While the thought of finally getting some time off after working hard all school year is refreshing, have you stopped to consider what […]

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School Grants – Free Money You Don’t Have to Pay Back

July 18, 2012

Are you crunching the numbers and trying to figure out how to finance your education? While the average annual cost of a public education in 1980 was only $3,101, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, the price of a public four-year college in 2009 rose to more than five times that amount, averaging […]

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How to Balance a Job and College Classes Without Losing Your Mind

July 11, 2012

Holding down a job, keeping up with classes, studying for exams, writing papers, meeting deadlines, and finding time for sleep… Can all these actually be done without absolutely losing your mind? If approached properly, they actually can. Hundreds of thousands of college students take on this lifestyle every year. Here are the rules you’ll want […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Alabama

July 4, 2012

Are you interested in attending college in Alabama? Before you make your decision, there are a few interesting facts about education in this state you should know. The average amount of debt for each student is about $24, 821, according to the Project on Student Debt. 56% of students leave an Alabama college with debt. […]

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PhD Scholarships – Road to a Doctoral Degree

June 20, 2012

A doctoral degree is the highest level of education you can obtain, and, according to the Oracle, you can earn an average of $3.4 over your lifetime after earning this degree. That’s approximately $2.2 million more dollars over a lifetime than a high school graduate would earn, $1.3 million more than an individual with a […]

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Federal Grants for Students, Housing, and Government Benefits

June 13, 2012

As more students fill out applications to college, the price of a good education seems to continue to rise. For many students, this is a stumbling block that sometimes prevents them from obtaining the education they need to secure a bright and fruitful future for themselves and their families. It doesn’t have to be that […]

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Top 3 Highest Paying College Majors

June 6, 2012

Do what you love and the money will follow. We’ve all heard that before. Is it true?  Yes and no. You may love helping people and the field of health care, but if you never move past your CNA degree, the money may not follow. Often, the key to success after college is choosing a […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Arkansas

May 30, 2012

Do you live in Arkansas? Are you planning on attending college this coming year? If your answer is yes, you might want to stop and think for a moment about the cost associated with a college education. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average tuition for a public four year college in […]

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Minority Scholarships – Assistance for Your Tuition

May 16, 2012

According to the Pew Research Center, 300,584 Hispanic students enrolled in four year colleges, trade schools, and community colleges in 2008. During this same time, 367,432 African American students, 146,802 Asian students, and 25,163 American Indian students were enrolled in college. There are several different types of minorities, including Native Americans, African Americans, Alaska Natives, […]

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Business Grants – Free Money to Start & Grow a Business

May 9, 2012

According to Bankruptcy Law, approximately half of all small businesses will fail within the first five years. For many of them, lack of funding and resources in a poor economy are contributing factors. In fact, the United States Courts have released statistics for 2011 and state that last year alone, 49,895 businesses filed bankruptcy. While […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Indiana

May 3, 2012

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact surmises that all colleges fall into one of three categories: low tuition and low aid, moderate tuition and moderate aid, and high tuition and high aid. Indiana falls between high and moderate category. This means, although the average tuition for an Indiana college is higher, approximately $7,306 for public four […]

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Graduate School Scholarships – Cost of Earning a Grad Degree

April 30, 2012

When students think about earning their master’s degree, the first thought that comes to mind is “Is it really worth it?” According to collegesurfing.com, the average cost of a graduate degree can range from $30,000 to $120,000, depending on the length of the program, the college, and the type of degree. That’s a big chunk […]

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Student Grants – Free Money to Help Pay for College Tuition

April 26, 2012

High school graduation is quickly approaching, and for many students, dreams of earning their college education and finding secure, stable, and well-paying jobs will follow. While this may be the American dream, it does not always come easily. There are many challenges involved with paying for college, and it is up to the student and […]

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The Best Jobs to Have While in College

April 23, 2012

As a college student the pressure is on. Not only are you expected to adjust to your new living arrangements (possibly in a new town that you’re not familiar with), but you’re also expected to pull good grades in tough classes and yes, even hold down a job. Not just any job, but one that […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Tennessee

April 20, 2012

A lot of students don’t think about the cost of college until it is too late, or they simply feel that it’s “normal” to acquire a mountain of debt in order to arrive at their diploma. What about you? Have you given any thought to how you are going to pay for college? If you’ll […]

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List of Weird Scholarships for Girls, Guys, and High School Seniors

April 18, 2012

When most think of scholarships, they think of awards based solely on test scores, athletic ability, academics, and majors. After all, that’s what all scholarships are about right? They measure the potential for collegiate success based on certain criteria and are given only to those who can think creatively, show an interest in acquiring a […]

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Grant Writing Tips: Guide to Obtaining Grants

April 16, 2012

Grants are awards of financial assistance offered by the government, a corporation, a trust, or a foundation. When certain individuals need funding for a specific reason, they often turn to grant writing, which involves completing an application to request funding from a particular institution. While the process may sound simple, it isn’t as easy as […]

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The Right Questions to Ask On Your College Tour

April 13, 2012

You’re a prospective college student and you have appointments at several universities. Have you considered the questions you’ll be asking while you’re there? If not, –now is the time. Every tour guide is different, and unfortunately, not all of your college tours will be quite as informative as you’d like. It’s important, for comparison purposes, […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Ohio

April 12, 2012

Recent tuition caps have resulted in only a 25 percent increase in annual tuition and fees for colleges and universities in Ohio during the last ten years. Still, the Columbus Dispatch states that annual tuition for four year colleges in this state are, on average, $9,608. This is approximately 47% more than the national four […]

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Study Abroad Scholarships: Learn While Living Aboard

April 9, 2012

Have you ever considered studying abroad? More and more students are choosing to learn this way due to the overwhelming number of benefits studying abroad can provide. Exposure to another culture, food, language, and customs can provide a rich experience that will literally stay with a student for the rest of their lives. Another benefit […]

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Small Business Grants for Women: Funding Opportunities For Your Business

April 6, 2012

More and more women are living the dream and becoming business owners. In fact, according to About.com, recent statistics reveal an incredible level of success and growth of United States businesses owned by women. There are approximately 10.4 million firms that are at least 50% women-owned. Companies owned by women employ 12.8 million workers. Women-owned […]

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Scholarships for College – Guide to Obtaining College Scholarships

April 4, 2012

According to U.S. News, the average tuition for a four year public college is roughly $20,000. If you plan on attending a private four year institution, the cost will almost double to a little more than $35,000 annually. With the rising cost of tuition every year, more and more students are turning to financial aid […]

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Grants for Women – Opportunities and Eligibility Requirements

April 2, 2012

According to a 2007 study by AARP, only about 35% of women in the U.S. are comfortable with their personal financial situation. The study also states that one in every five women struggle with financial need, and would find it challenging to pay off an unexpected $1,000 bill if it arrived in the mail. These […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Texas

March 30, 2012

Everything works out better if you have a well thought out plan, and follow it. Many college bound individuals are so excited about the thought of this next phase of their life that they don’t stop to consider the financial end of things. By the way, — telling yourself that you’ll get a job and […]

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Pell Grant – Eligibility Criteria, Requirements, and Applying

March 28, 2012

Are you trying to find a way to afford your college education? While there are many grants and scholarships you can apply for, none are as well known as the Federal Pell Grant. This grant provides students with the opportunity to not only fully fund their college education, but pay for additional costs of attending […]

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10 Easy Scholarships to Apply For That Almost Anyone Can Get

March 26, 2012

According to U.S. News, the average cost of four year public college in the United States is almost $20,000. When looking at a private four year institution, this number almost doubles. For most students, this cost is overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Scholarships are available to lighten the load. If you’re wondering how […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Colorado

March 23, 2012

Are you a Colorado resident with plans for college? According to the National Center for Education Statistics, tuition rates in Colorado average $14,240 for in-state residents attending a public four year institution. This number more than doubles for in-state students attending private four year colleges, averaging about $29,331. According to the Project on Student Debt, […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Georgia

March 19, 2012

The Project on Student Debt estimates that the average student debt for public and private four year institutions in Georgia is about $18,888. The University System of Georgia estimates that the average tuition per 15 credit hours for regional and state university in 2012 is $2,201 for Georgia residents and $8,008 for out of state […]

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Small Business Grants – Free Money to Help You Fund Your Business

March 16, 2012

Does your life dream include starting and operating your own small business? You will be able to take advantage of tax deductions, flexible working hours, and have an unlimited earning potential. While this can be an exciting concept, it can come with a few challenges. You will have to learn how to manage your time, […]

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Nursing Scholarships – Helping Nursing Students Pay for School

March 14, 2012

There’s never been a better time to become a nursing student. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), between 2008 and 2018, employment of RN’s (registered nurses, is expected to increase by up to 22 percent. The BLS also reports that employment of LPN’s is expected to increase by 21 percent during the same […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Florida

March 9, 2012

In December of 2011, the Daytona News-Journal reported that while the tuition and fees in Florida are generally lower than other states, it is still nothing to sneeze at. The average tuition and fees for the University of Florida for the 2011-2012 school year was about $5,700 for undergraduate residents. When books, housing, food, and […]

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First Time Home Owners Grant

March 7, 2012

“You’re throwing away your money, paying rent each month.” Does this sound familiar? Most likely you’ve heard it from your family, friends, or the television commercials as all of them urge you to take the next logical life step and purchase your first home. Purchasing a home isn’t easy though, especially if you don’t have […]

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Scholarships for Hispanics: List of Hispanic Scholarships

March 5, 2012

According to Fox News, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that about 2.1 million Hispanic and Latino college students were able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2001. A little over a decade later, the number has increased by about 80 percent, boasting almost 3.8 million students in 2011. As the 2012- 2013 […]

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Directory of Grants and Scholarships in Michigan

February 29, 2012

Are you interested in attending a university in the state of Michigan? While you might have the grades and the SAT scores, getting into college requires a large amount of cash you may not have. According to CBS Detroit, the average tuition cost of Michigan’s 15 public universities is about $10,800 for the current academic […]

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Scholarships for Women – College, Graduate, and Minority Scholarship Opportunities

February 27, 2012

A 2011 report from CBS News provides a new outlook on today’s college students. Surprisingly, this report states that women have surpassed men, not only in college attendance, but obtaining advanced degrees of education. According to the report, about 20.1 million women have earned their Bachelor’s degrees, nearly 3 million more than men. Women over […]

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Maternity Grants for Pregnant Women

February 25, 2012

Are you a pregnant woman who is struggling to maintain financial independence? If so, you are not alone. According to a Harvard Study, known as the Consumer Bankruptcy Project, having a child is now an unfortunate, but leading predictor that a woman will end up filing bankruptcy and struggling financially. The study showed that women […]

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Government Grants – How to Get Government Grants

February 24, 2012

While you may not be aware of how all encompassing government grants are, they play a vital role in our society. They help grow our economy by providing college education to prospective students who otherwise may not attend, but that’s not all. Government grants are also used for particular projects to develop solutions that make […]

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